Jania Taylor

Jania Taylor, The Magic Lady has been a professional magician for  27 years. She's well known for  creating a sense of enchantment, of make-believe, and for delivering magic and the wonder-of-it-all to audiences around the world! Jania's from Archbold, Ohio, home of Sauder Village. She's recently performed at The Magic Castle in Los Angeles and is one of the great lady magicians of the U.S.

Jania is an award-winning magician who brings elegance to the art.  Females are rare in the industry; only 3% of performers in the magic industry are female.  But don?t let her gender fool you.  Jania is a very talented woman that has been classically trained in the art of prestidigitation.  She has performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the premiere location for magic in the United States. 

 Entertaining her audience is of the utmost importance to Jania.  She feels that when the audience is in her presence it is her responsibility to bring, fun, joy, and wonderment into their world.  Jania does all of this with good clean entertainment, and in a highly professional manner.

 Jania is one of the most versatile performers in the profession.  You will step into an enchanted land of glamour with her musically choreographed silent show, or laugh yourself into hysteria when she presents her comedy magic.  Intimate audiences will be baffled and befuddled when witnessing Jania's close-up magic.

She is a graduate of the Chavez Studio of Magic in Colon, a college of manual dexterity and prestidigitation.  Jania was the third female in the history of the school to complete the course. 

Jania's magic has been enjoyed by thousands of people throughout the country. Her wit and charm have pleased audiences at many corporation parties, conventions, festivals, fairs, and school assemblies. She has presented her magic at such noted resorts as Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, Michigan, the Mississippi Queen River Boat and The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV.