Robert Sode

A veteran and legend in the magic community, Robert Sode's classical approach to magic is a delight for all, incorporating magic with doves, music and more! In addition to this, Robert is an excellent children's magician, and has entertained family audiences for years with stand up comedy magic at Denver's world-famous restaurant, Casa Bonita, which has been featured on TV programs such as South Park.

During the 1980's, Robert performed at many comedy clubs, opening for such acts as Rosanne Barr and Pat Paulsen. Today, he is still very active in the magic community, mentoring and sharing his knowledge to young magician across the globe, which he calls "The Future of Magic."  In 2014 he traveled to Great Britain, Denmark, Spain and Morocco, meeting many of the young magicians that he has been mentoring online.  Last December he was invited to compete in the 2014 International Invitational Magic Tournament in Shezehn, China, where we won the Bronze Medal with his dove act.  This has opened up a new chapter in his life, so while most magicians his age are slowing down, Robert  Sode is now an international award winning magician performing now more than ever in places like Thailand, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore and other Asian countries.  He has shows booked in Taiwan, Korea and India   and other countries in 2016. 

He now lives full time in Asia, making Vietnam his home base of operations.  He has been a regular performer here at Indy Magic Monthly, performing his dove act no less that once a year.  He has also introduced many young and up coming magicians to IMM, including Cody Clark, Trigg Watson, Trent James, Bill Cook, Matt Schick and from Hong Kong, Leo Lee.

photo courtesy of Spencer Peterson