Bobby Maverick

Bobby began his journey in magic at the young age of eleven. It was after his grandfather gave him a chemistry-set for his birthday that Bobby soon found the exact formula capable of blowing a large hole in his bedroom wall and catching his bed on fire. Needless to say, his mother (and the authorities) convinced him to get a new hobby… Magic.

Bobby has been entertaining ever since and brings with him over 28 years of experience in amazing, and amusing everyone in he comes into contact with.

For the last ten years Bobby has been using his experience as a street performer, wit, and high energy level to become a much sought after entertainer for Corporate events, Trade Shows, and Hospitality Suites. Even though he is fast becoming a premier corporate entertainer, he still manages to stay close to his roots as a street performer by appearing on the streets of America and at several Festivals throughout the year. “Staying sharp” as he like to put it, and staying out where he loves to be… On the street and in front of the people!