Reed & Ashton Masterson

If you are looking for tuxedos, top hats, and cute balloon animals, this show is NOT for you.


If you want mind bending illusions, dangerous stunts, and life threatening escapes requiring precise timing to avoid a fatal catastrophe, you are in the right place.


Reed and Ashton have over 17 years of experience amazing audiences and defying death.
They have won multiple awards and spend every free hour taking their show to the next level. Everyone comes away from the show not only entertained, but amazed… And maybe a little freaked out.


Reed found his path in life when at age six he watched the master illusionists The Pendragons vanish 25 show girls right before his eyes. From there he began his career in magic by putting on magic shows everywhere from birthday parties to high schools. But eventually, Reed left ordinary magic behind.


Ashton had never been a performer. But when she met Reed as a teenager and saw his stunning talent close-up, she knew she had to be a part of his journey. The two teamed up and began creating what is now the number 1 sold out illusion show in Kentucky.


When Reed was 19 and Ashton just 16 the amazing duo began creating their stage show and to their amazement, the first show sold out a 400 seat theater. Since that early success the duo has never stopped innovating and improving their show.


Seeing a Reed and Ashton show today is not just an event, it's an unbelievable experience. Everything from the special EFX lighting, stunning backdrops, Crazy Clowns, comedy, animals (personally trained by Reed and Ashton), to the mind-bending mentalism, and choreography that enthralls audiences everywhere. But, just as Reed started this path watching these illusions performed on TV, the duo have made multiple TV appearances themselves including, ABC and The CW Network.


Reed and Ashton are not just passionate about illusions and their show, but also about animals. They have both volunteered at shelters and used their talents to raise money to help animal organizations and care for abandoned animals. They take special care of their animals in their shows and treat them more than just humanely, but love and personally care for their animals. They are part of the family.


Reed and Ashton recognize that the most important part of any show is the audience. They are committed to making sure everyone has a good time and every show is filled with laughs and gasps and the audience is pulled between comedy and some of the most unbelievable stage illusions around. Come and check out the show, you won’t be disappointed.