Taylor Martin

When people look at Taylor Martin, they wonder where they've seen him before. Did he deliver a singing telegram to their mom? Was he featured in a cover story for NUVO magazine? Is he the guy that does all those old magic tricks for Conner Prairie or the Indianapolis Historical Society? Does he wear a dress? What can be said to all these questions?

Well, yes!

Taylor is the producer and creator of Indy Magic Monthly and is proud to be known as a character magician. Among his many personae are "Andrea Merlyn, Queen of Magic", "Rodney the Younger, Colonial Conjurer" and "Esmerelda, Gypsy Queen of Magic." He created IMM to fill a promise he made to himself; that one day there would be a show where the magic and variety talents of the local performing artists of Indianapolis could be showcased. "I believe we have talent here in Indiana that as good or better than artists that companies hire from elsewhere to perform. They deserve to have their talents shown in a decent theatre with proper lighting, sound and dressing facilities. The Hoosier performer refuses to die."

Taylor's been performing for over 50 years and has been a resident of Indiana for nearly 40. He's a graduate of The University of Indianapolis and holds a B.A. in Speech and Theatre. He's been a performer in all of the Indy Fringe Theatre Festivals and has appeared Off-Broadway, at Magic Chicago and at Bally's and Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas. He's been married for 30 years to Deborah Martin and recently got adopted by a miniature Schnauzer named Midnight. He resides on the Eastside of Indianapolis.

To contact him for a show in your home or business write him at taylor@indymagicmonthly.com.



photo courtesy of Sandy Sheets

Taylor Martin, performing at Key Learning Community for their students. This was provided by Indy Magic Monthly and Indy Fringe Theatre Festival as part of Key's Weekly Assembly Programs.


The Forest Preserve
District of Will County, Illinois

It was at a performance at the Isle a la Cache Rendevous, June 14, 2009. Taylor received the award for Outstanding Participant.



"Many, many thanks for your great show last night.  We got a lot of positive feedback about the show and your performance.  We've had a great run there and you helped keep that record intact. 

The next time we need, or hear of a need for your talents, we'll be in touch.  It's always nice to work with professionals.

Thank you again."

Ron and Sandy Nakasone