Kevin King

magicomedian (maj-i-co-mee-di-an) n.
1. A person who is an expert in magic and comedy, blending the two arts as one. see also: KEVIN KING 
Not your typical comedic genius, Kevin offers a unique blend of stand-up comedy with magic that leaves his audience speechless. The King arsenal of comedy offers the best answer for any style or size of venue. 
Kevin is world renown for his wacky brand of humor and on-stage antics bringing people back for more. His high energy performances are amazing, amusing and will have the Indy Magic Monthly audience rolling in the aisles.


This is the label that comes with Kevin King s (A.K.A. Magic Boy's) contract. Kevin's contract also comes with suggestions such as DO NOT give him COFFEE, M&M s within 12 hours before letting him out of his cage to perform!!!! If this happens, they (his so called agents and lawyers) note: are not responsible for his actions on stage. There is also a note to make sure you give him his pills (many different colors) every hour or he could potentially cause mayhem.

Kevin King (MAGIC BOY) has appeared on many television shows, but due to some legal actions etc., we are not permitted to mention them. He travels the world by tricycle destroying every venue he performs at. His last known performance was at the (now burned down) American Legion post #1222 in Millersburg, Ohio. When interviewing some of the people at that show, Joseph (a local Amish man) commented Magic is evil, and MAGIC BOY has proved it. Don t let him into your house!

By special arrangement through the department of corrections he will perform tonight (they paid us to take him off their hands). So when he is performing, it might be a good time to put on your protective sports gear. Or better yet, go out to the lobby and get some popcorn or coffee (just don t give any to MAGIC BOY) if you see him. You can t miss him, he is the one wearing the prison clothes and chasing his M&M s with shots of Coffee. By the way ladies, he is single (obviously).

DISCLAIMER: Due to the previous knowledge we have of MAGIC BOY, Indy Magic Monthly is not responsible for any deaths, burnings, sugar overloads, popcorn chokings, music dislikes, hangnails, hemorrhoids, changes in religious beliefs, skin chaffing or emotional damage. Please view this performer at your own risk. You have been warned.