Vincent Hedan

Vincent Hedan was born in France in 1983.

Entertainer, creator, author, and lecturer, he started magic at age 7, with a magic box received for Christmas. Since then, he never stopped studying the art of entertainment, at the same time, he has been practicing theatre and has been in several shows and festivals.

With time, Vincent Hedan developed his own style, creating shows with his original illusions, and performing his magic everywhere in France since 2000. Being fluent in English, he also performed in America, Australia, Belgium, Canada, England, Italy, Luxembourg, and South Korea.

In 2008, Vincent Hedan won the 1st Prize in Mentalism at the French Magic Championship, with Rainman, a memory act inspired by Dustin Hoffman's famous character.

In 2011, he became a member of the prestigious 4F convention in Buffalo, USA. He is also an IBM member.

In 2012, Vincent received the Award of Merit at the Canadian Magic Championship, and was chosen to compete for France at the FISM World Championship.