Shawn Anthony

Beginning when he was nine years old, Shawn Anthony immersed himself in a multitude of art forms, from a variety of performance arts and musical studies to becoming a true mystifier and provocateur. Since then, a relentless work ethic combined with enormous talent, skill and vision has propelled Shawn’s career making him one of the most provocative artists of our day. From creator, executive producer and director of his multiple award winning shows, to his widely acclaimed lecture tours and magical effects Shawn is leaving his mark on the art of magic and entertainment in the 21st Century.

Shawn broke box office sales records when he launched his 2008 Mystified Tour of which he created, produced, directed and starred in. Shawn Anthony MYSTIFIED (the television show) is currently in production and schedule to market its first 14 episodes in 2011 shot at various locations from around the world including, Las Vegas, Japan, Canada, and Europe. The television show will debut in countless international markets.

Shawn has also received numerous awards throughout his career. He was named Houdini Award Winner for Stage Magician of the Year in 2010 as well as receiving Best Las Vegas Review show for 2010 with his Las Vegas Magic Underworld show, making him a back-to-back recipient of the 2010 Houdini awards.  Throughout the years, Shawn Anthony has also been featured on NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, MyTV, WB, VHI, TLC, UPN, and TNN, and has garnered international coverage on the largest rated television networks in the world.

Shawn Anthony continually works on dominating the internet as his demonstrations have been viewed on to staggering numbers. is visited by more unique visitors each month than almost any magician on the internet to date.

In an unprecedented collaboration, Shawn has partnered with Cirque Du Magic to begin a new live show which will be opening in the winter of 2011 for a whirlwind world tour. Without a doubt, Shawn Anthony is without a doubt one of the most influential performers of our time. More info on Shawn along with his merchandise line can be found at